3D Print

My own fascination of creating a new life in a way that is not natural to us is what drove my ideas within these works. The idea of creating a life artificially is something I find very interesting in terms of the technological field. From reading into the book Frankenstein Creation and Monstrosity (written by Mary Shelly) I learnt that in some ways the story of the creation of Frankenstein links to the themes behind Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Mary shelly wrote “a thing that bellowed and writhed in pain”; from previous research into the causes of DID links were made between Frankenstein and the abused and traumatic upbringings of people with DID. I was inspired to create my own take on Frankenstein that links and resembles a significance into multiple persona.

The textured side of the head was made to look as if lots of bits of flesh/skin can all be stitched to be formed within this artificial appearance.

Frankenstein in ZBrush

The Starting point

This project’s journey began within Zbrush, where I formulated and created the 3D digital sculpture  to be created into the final physical project.