Robot Head

Photoshop Project

The inspiration of creating this piece came from my own fascination of creating a new life by ways of technology rather than the natural way. From learning about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) I found out and came to realise that personalities can switch like a light bulb (people with DID almost can’t even control this action).  The ideas and themes behind the story of Frankenstein are all very surreal.  Frankenstein was used almost to create a mock take out of the creator of the world. Acts of technological processes (computers and robotics and creating body parts from them) are replacing more aspects of natural life every day; with new adapted ways of technology, it improves the ways in which human beings or other animals can function. My own idea of creating a face that is made to look like it’s made from the insides of a computer shows and provokes my own ideas of life being swapped for technology. However, natural technology in the way we think and do things; for example, the switch between different personalities (people with DID) and the idea of crashing under too much pressure, come apparent within both artificial and natural creations of life. Showing that it is my own face within this piece enables me to show the idea that actions that every person does can be linked to actions within a technological process. I chose to use the colours of greens and blues within the face to suggest that there are still natural parts of us that cannot be replaced by technology. The way we think and use our brains (using the natural computer within us) can’t be changed through means of technology. Showing the double exposure between my own face and the sections of the different computer parts as well are equally balanced in terms of opacity to portray and unbiased argument over either technology or natural aspects of life being the right way of creating life. There are aspects within both that we can benefit from.