Seperation Within Sculpture


I am predominately a sculptural artist working with all kinds of materials (both natural and artificial). My work talks about the idea of separation within what is considered as being ‘normal’. Separation and the idea of something standing out makes my work come across as slightly weird or considered as being inhuman. Exploring the ideas of difference and talking about the everyday issues that people talk about within their own minds creates a majestic two-sided argument within all my work. Exploring into subjects and learning about others people’s thoughts and illnesses has also been a big passion for me within my art. From talking to family members who work within the field of mental health, I have been interested in people’s thoughts and ways of dealing with these illnesses. Pushing new ideas around a subject and exploring new ways of making people ask questions has been a huge passion for me. Not only thinking about my own ideas in relation to the subject I talk about; but also talking about the materials, scale and how the work needs to be shown is a big part of my practice. Being brought up within a seaside town with forests and woodlands running nearby, I continuously think about the idea of place and the beauty of natural compositions within nature. I would say that I have chosen to become a sculptural artist due to my love for textures within what I do and also because I like to make the viewers feel engaged (as if they are part of the work when viewing it). Creation of life (this being an artificial creation using means of technology and the natural ways of creating life) has influenced my work and is often used and talked about to justify my arguments on whether it can be considered as being ‘normal’ or not. The ways in which something is created makes that subject a man-made conversation or a natural discussion.