About Me

From a very young age I have always loved building, the different textures, weights, colours and different sizes of natural forms drives me into creating a sense of feel within my work. I am always looking at natural forms and how they are positioned in beautiful compositions within nature. I have been told on number of occasions that I am such a perfectionist when it comes to my work; I think this is due to how much I think about the ideas of the natural within my work. Working with materials I can re-shape and adjust and modify to unreal imagination has been a passion for me within working within the sculptural field of art. Finding new materials that you wouldn’t usually think would work for a project and arguing why they do work and talk about the work in the way they do is also another passion of mine within my work. My work talks about the idea of separation within what is considered as being ‘normal’. Thinking about what normal is can be a very tricky subject that not everyone understands. With everyone having their own takes on what ‘normal’ is makes this subject unique to everyone, meaning that everyone will see my work and understand it in different ways. Exploring the ideas of difference and talking about everyday issues that people talk about within their own minds creates a two-sided argument of what is ‘normal’ or right within all my work. Exploring unknown subjects and learning about other people and the differences that one person has from another interests me. From my childhood I have always been around relatives who work within mental health. It’s a massive field that personally, I don’t think people talk about or understand as much as they should. I find it really fascinating how mental illnesses are coped with in the most amazing ways and what causes them. Mental health is such a massive subject and is hard to understand which can make it difficult sometimes not to say the wrong thing if you don’t know the subject of mental health well enough. My family often talk about mental health within their lines of work; some of the things they talk about in terms of the ideas that go through the minds of people with mental health baffle me. They are truly staggering and tragic thoughts. The different ways people deal with these illnesses are of great interest to me. Pushing new ideas around a subject and exploring new ways of making people ask questions has been a huge passion for me. With often working with difficult subjects that can be hard to talk about for some people, my work has become very unbiased to it being seen as a bad subject or a good one. I like to see ideas and illnesses from both sides of the story. Talking about the materials, scale and my own ideas in relation to the subject, are elements of what makes my work communicate a neutral conversation about the subject matter to everyone.  Being brought up within a seaside town with forests and woodlands running nearby, I continuously think about how artificial components interact with natural ones. My work often talks about the natural and artificial world together. I make work to make the viewer feel engaged within the subject matter and also to feel a part of the work. The idea of people seeing things at different angles from others is also something that drives me, listening to what people have to say about my work and what they think it is about interests me. I like to ask the question “what do you think my works about?” before saying sometimes. This generates new ideas for myself and also lets me know how well I’m communicating the subject I am talking about within my work. The creation of life (this being an artificial creation using means of technology and the natural ways of creating life) has influenced my work and is often used and talked about to justify my arguments on whether it can be considered as being ‘normal’ or not. The ways in which something is created makes that subject a man-made conversation or a natural discussion. The work I make isn’t about looking pretty, sometimes the subject I talk about isn’t pretty at all so the work I make and how it looks is to compensate on what the subject is about.